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Article: Art Scarf : Ways to tie scarves

Art Scarf : Ways to tie scarves

A stylish way to tie the scarf! Do you like this look? Read below and follow a few simple steps.

We are starting out with the square Henna Scarf

A simple fold, if you don’t remember, check how to fold a scarf here

Double it over like so

Slip one end through the loop

Take the loop and twist to a figure of 8

Slide the second edge through the new loop

And adjust to show the artwork!

Looks fantastic like this! Pair it with a Blazer or a cardigan and it looks super chic.

For a fun touch, I took a butterfly bobby pin

And clipped it under the free edge

Let the edge fall back and you are done!

Keep tuned for other fun ways to tie scarves!

You can find the Henna Horse here and the story of the Art Scarf here


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