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Article: Fall Color Trends For 2018

Fall Color Trends For 2018

Looking for fall color trends for 2018?

Every year Pantone releases the colors for a season and this year the top 10 fall colors are evocative of the rich hues seen in nature at this time of the year. We took it a step forward and paired the colors for you.

Hint: look to nature when you make your choices! 


With it’s deep jewel tones, ultraviolet has been declared the official color of the year. The vibrant hues pair well with greens and deep reds with brown tones as inspired from the flowers above.



A lighter take on purple, Crocus is interestingly a spring flower. The colors is great choice through the year and can transition well into fall and winter.



Limelight is an effervescent yellow green and the natural inspiration here is the Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights. The colors are stunning and if you ever want to see them, here is great link for you.


  • Purple with rose tones/ light purple bracelet
  • Slate blue sweater with denim
  • Unicorn Cashmere scarf with limelight accents


A spicy yellow with mustard tones which can work as a great neutral or an accent piece. We are looking at the white daisies here for our pairings.



There were so many natural inspirations for russet orange but I chose to go with this beautiful visual from the Antelope Canyons. Partly because it’s on my bucket list and partly because I’m dying to paint it, won’t that make a beautiful scarf?


  • A deep purple bag/boots
  • A russet orange shirt dress
  • a neutral with our suggestion being the Jaipur scarf


A perfect fall color the valiant poppy can be seen everywhere and naturally we picked the fall leaves. The combinations that we could make with these!



Delicious like it’s name, a deep red, reminiscent of cherries, which also serves as our nature inspiration. The green stem provide a beautiful contrast, and the dark, almost black tones go well with the rich colors. A perfect night out color combination.



The martini olive is a sophisticated green that is a must have for a great neutral look. Inspired by it’s namesake the olive tree, a touch of black, slate grey and some blue tints.


  • Martini olive shirt and matching trousers with a black belt
  • Black booties
  • Spring wing silk scarf for just a little color



The color named after the brilliantly colored bird from Central America, a teal variant with so many pairing options. We used the resplendent Quetzal as our inspiration of course.



The electric Nebulas blue seen in the perfect pairing of a peacock feather.


  • Nebula blue dress or skirt
  • An emerald green clutch or shirt with the skirt
  • Brown silk scarf

Enjoy the beautiful weather outside and take in the colors and experiment with your wardrobe. Remember to look to nature for inspiration, the best artist out there!

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