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Article: Photoshoot : A day to remember

Photoshoot : A day to remember

A fun little photo essay about our shoot!

A gorgeous day and thank you rain gods for keeping the predicted thunderstorms away!

We started at the pool (after some delicious apple cider donuts! yes I know..) 

Moving on to the beautiful green fields for the equestrian theme..the horses were around trust me!

Oh and by the notice that all of us have our phones out (including me taking this picture!) even though our professional photographer has her equipment working!

Then off to town for a shopping spree(shoot)..

look out for that scarf turban tutorial coming maybe?

Back to the house for more fun..

2 scarves as a dress..what? yup..and looks great too! Now that’s going to be the next post!

Dark shot? I know (hey,it’s my phone!) ..but wait till you see the real thing!

Towards the end, I got to pose too,with the framed scarf and just in case you are wondering ..yes I’m wearing it too!

The picture is headed to “fashion night out” in NYC on June is the link to join us!

All the pictures above were taken by my phone..and below is the difference a professional shot makes! (just one of the many amazing pictures from the day)

Hats off to my team!

Patrcia  Maristch from Piqued PR for organizing and coordinating everything and providing us with an extra stylish wardrobe and the bling!

Haley Cairo for shooting fantastic pictures

Gabriella Iannucci for superb makeup

and Naomi Elice for being a gorgeous (and funny) model..

We had such a blast at the shoot..lots of new looks for our Scarves!

I can’t wait to share our new pictures with you! Do you have a favorite look? 



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