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Article: A month of art (part 1)

A month of art (part 1)

A month of Art, it’s a challenge I set up for myself earlier this month.

Knowing fully well that I could not devote a significant time due to my other commitments, I set the challenge for a 30 – minute sketch every day for a month.

Below are pages from the first half of the month.

Day 1

I decided on portraits and returned to one of my favorite photo books by Steve Mccurry,one of the most renowned photographer (who hasn’t seen the Afghan Girl on the cover of National Geographic? )

During the days that followed, there are several renditions from his book and a tribute to his ability to capture faces beautifully.

Day 2

Day 3

A shout out to another fantastic photographer recognised the world over for her candid wedding pictures. Cimmaron is self-taught and captures the soul behind the celebrations. You can check out her work here .

Day 4

Mother’s Day called for a sketch of my mom as a beautiful bride. I wish I had more time than the allotted 30 minutes, suffice to say I did not do justice to her picture and she is infinitely better looking.

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

A challenge from my cousin, who wanted me to do his sketch. He sent me a selfie of himself with a sketch app!

Day 8

I loved her wild hair and that expression!

Day 9

My daughter’s birthday and I remember taking this picture over 16 years ago, she is still a Yankees fan! Where does the time go?

Day 10

Day 11

I was very close to my grandmother growing up in India, and remember her with so much love. My dear cousin sent me an Alex Haley quote upon seeing the picture

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.”

Day 12

Day 13

The Red Boy is another favorite and the actual Picture is very powerful but I was happy with the result.

Day 14

This was a hectic day and the I had a total of 12 minutes for the sketch below, before midnight.

Day 15

Halfway mark!

The month of Art is still continuing and if you are on Instagram, follow along as I post a new piece every day. I have always loved to sketch and paint portraits and occasionally they make their way onto a scarf. I doubt that any of the sketches above will ever make it to a scarf, due to copyright issues but I am just enjoying the challenge of sketching for the moment.

Remember You can check it out daily on Instagram.




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