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Article: 7 ways to wear a scarf in the summer

7 ways to wear a scarf in the summer

Winter is finally over and while this means we may not be over eager to tie a french twist with our scarf. Here are 7 ways to wear a scarf in the summer.

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Style 1- Halter

A halter is a super fun and east way to wear a scarf in the warm summer months.

Two ends around the neck and two ends around the waist.. Done!


Style 2 – Hat and scarf

A lovely summer look at the beach or out in the sun. The scarf tied around a wide-brimmed straw hat.

Style 3- Hair Wrap

Fold the square scarf into a triangle and place the straight edge on your forehead, behind the hairline and bring the free edges behind your ears. Tie a double knot at the base of your neck with the free edges (including the triangle portion of the fold).

Style 4- The Hair Band

Fold the scarf in a bias fold could check here to learn how to do the fold. Simply tie the free edges in the back.

Style 5- Modified cowboy

Fold the scarf in a bias and loop twice around the neck, twisting a little as you go. Tie the edges in the front and hide the knot under the scarf.

Style 6 – Single Knot

begin with a bias fold and a simple knot in the front. Alternatively, you could use a scarf ring or a simple ring here.

Style 7-  Basic knot

Fold the scarf in a triangle this time and knot/use ring in the front. Elegant and easy!

There you have it!  7 ways to wear a scarf in the summer.

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