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Article: Beach Scarf

Beach Scarf

Beach scarf ? why not? After all, there is a sarong at every step. Why not up the look with a silk scarf?

I am in Riviera Maya this week and it has been glorious and relaxing few  days at the beach.

While packing I brought along my Mexico inspired scarf for the trip, not sure if I would be using it in the heat. Turns out I ended up using it as a beach scarf. The problem that I encountered was that the width of the scarf was not wide enough.  If you have a tremendous figure (which I do not), it’s not an issue but I like it a little long, at least in the front. The back is about mid-thigh length, which is fine with me.

Here is the trick, it’s really quite simple. Do not tie the edges! Instead, pick two points about a hands width away from the edges.  Let the edges hang as shown in the picture below.

Next, tie the points into a  secure double knot. No trick to that, keeping it simple.

Lastly, shift the tied edge from the side to the front and adjust to show the art on your beach scarf!

I like the long edge falling past the knee and you can be sure that no one else will be wearing this in their cabana on the beach. Obviously, if you are wet stay away from the silk, but then you already know that.

The scarf shown above will be on the site soon but we do have some long scarves available currently and you could check them out here.

I used the same scarf that night, throwing it over a simple black dress to make it dressier. If you wrap it loosely, it does not become uncomfortable either. 

That’s it folks! I have another day left here, before returning to the daily grind.  Have fun and let me know if you try out a beach scarf!


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