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Article: In Frida’s Dream: scarf story

In Frida’s Dream: scarf story

“In Frida’s Dream” is a part of the Travel Series Collection that will be coming to the site in fall. 

Inspired by  a trip to NYBG to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit, I wanted to recreate something close to her but be with her at the same time. If that makes sense?

I spent days researching what she loved and her experiences, and did several small sketches before starting out on canvas.

I realized her love for Mexico was apparent in several of her works and as this was a travel themed collection it worked perfectly!

Painting Plein air is a luxury and occasionally I get to indulge. This is a picture of the initial canvas outside in my backyard. While I do not have bougainvilleas blooming, I was able to capture some natural spirit outdoors.

The bougainvilleas are as much a part of my childhood memories in India, as they were a part of Frida’s in Mexico. They grow in abundance in tropical climates, spreading their beauty over trails and railing. Below is a small detail of the beautiful flowers from the canvas.

Frida was a lover of the good old self- portrait and I had to partake, albeit with a limited view. Did I tell you I am not particularly fond of taking my own pictures?Hence the part selfie, plus I wanted to be in Frida’s dreams not overtake it!

I wore my Henna Horse silk scarf for the know a scarf within a scarf.

In a  sequence below is the part self-portrait, I preferred to hide in the foliage and observe. It is a scary experience, that self-portrait thing, even if you take a flattering partial image of yourself!

And it needed more paint!

Until I was happy with it. The fresh paint was still on the canvas when I took the picture. There  is nothing like that smell of paint creating magic on canvas.

Next came the scarlet macaw as I had to incorporate her love of animals, and the birds of paradise.

A lily in honor of Georgia O’Keefe and the lilies I saw at NYBG at the exhibit, you should check out the letter written by Frida Kahlo to Georgia O’Keefe after she had her nervous breakdown here.

On my travels to Mexico, I had picked up a piece of pottery with a beaded Iguana on it. A little fun fact, I frankly hate any reptile but the work was so beautiful I incorporated it in the art.

Finally, a glimpse of the painting before a few final touches.

That was only a part of the work that went into the is the finished art scarf, ready to be worn.

Would you wear it in the summer or in the winter? why not both?

Two looks, one for the summer…

Another for cooler weather.

Hope you enjoyed the journey with me into Frida’s dream.

A piece of me will always live in there and the scarf will be available on the site in fall.

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