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Article: Carnevale De Venezia : A Scarf Story

Carnevale De Venezia : A Scarf Story

Carnevale De Venezia is a scarf story inspired by a family trip to Venice a few years ago. 

Painted over and over by the most famous names in the art world, the floating city has a magical quality which is unique and ethereal. I, in my humble tribute to its magnificence, painted a memory that I hope will reflect my love for the city.

With its canals and gondolas, Venice is gorgeous by day.

and possibly even more magical at night.

It has been photographed so many times that I will not bore you with the same images, although every one of them is breathtaking. A picture of the (very crowded) Rialto.

Instead, what I loved,  a few hidden pearls.

A quaint take out pasta place called Alfredo with pasta to go in Chinese take out boxes, renamed

Dal Moro’s, depending on the time of the day, the line can extend several blocks. Mouthwatering pasta best consumed sitting on the streets overlooking the water.

Image courtesy; TripAdvisor

A visit to the Libreria Acqua Alta, a unique bookstore with new and used books, loaded on tables, bathtubs, and gondolas inside the store and stacked to form stairs that you can actually climb on outside! 

Outside the bookstore in the alleys, we discovered an artisan making carnival masks. There are plenty of plastic masks for sale in every store, but this was the real thing, handmade by the artist. We got two and the detailing was exquisite. I could just imagine the masquerades and Carnivals with the masks!

The smaller of the two, a leather mask is a part of the painting and my daughter posed as a model.

Here are a few stages of the Carnevale De Venezia

The various shades of blues of the water and the skies.

The jewel tones of the city in her hair.

The finished painting, printed as a scarf and a pocket square.

Always love the abstraction when you wear it!

You can get the scarf here.

We hope you enjoyed Venice and the inspiration for the scarf and would love to hear about your thoughts. Cheers!

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