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Article: Long scarf: Ways to tie them

Long scarf: Ways to tie them

Tying the long scarf is a pretty standard thing, loop around and you are done.

So, what do you do when you want to go for something a little classier?

Follow these simple steps below and get the look!

Step 1

We are starting with the vivid colors of the “In Frida’s Dream” our Mexico inspired scarf but you can choose any long silk scarf. Fold the scarf lengthwise and drape around the neck.

Step 2

Loop over the neck and bring back, pretty much in the way that you would normally

wear the scarf. Keep one side a little longer than the other.

Step 3

Take the two closest edges from each side and knot it.

Step 4

Take the two remaining edges, shown below and tie another knot.

Step 5

Tuck the knots in and you are ready to go! 

Shown below is our ” War Elephants” long scarf, worn in the same way, with the tie on the other side. I feel that the artwork on the scarves really pops out when worn this way.

I love this way of tying the long scarf and you could check out other ways to tie a long silk scarf  here and here.

To read about my trip to Thailand which inspired the scarf, click here.

Remember,  to send me pictures if you decide to wear any of the

looks or one of our scarves, for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

Happy Holidays and have fun with the scarves!

PS   Keep an eye on our event page for pop ups this month, if you want to stop by and say hello!


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