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Article: Dressing with color wheel

Dressing with color wheel

We feel that understanding color is the best guide to dressing with color! 

Enter the color wheel, the absolute essential tool for mixing and matching.

We have all seen this, so how do we use it?

let us learn a few basic facts.

The basics of the wheel

  1. Primary colors- RED, YELLOW and BLUE. They cannot be made by mixing any other colors. 
  2. Secondary colors- Mix the primary and you get the –Orange, Green, and Violet.
  3. Tertiary colors-mix the primary and secondary for these.

What about shade/hue/tint?

Image credit Presentitude

1  Hue or Color is the basic color (as seen on the wheel)

2. Tint = Color + White

3. Shade= Color + Black

4. Tone = Color + Grey

Are you warm or cold?

Warm colors: Reds, Oranges, and Yellows.

Cool colors: Green, blues, and Violets.

Complimentary color palate:

Image credit: will kemps art school

 Analog colors:

Just skip a color and go the next one on the wheel.

Example:  Red with purple, or red with orange

Split complimentary:

Analog colors and the color opposite on the wheel form a triangle.


Triad of color:

Three colors that are equidistant from each other on the wheel

image credit: tiger color

Confused yet? check out monochromatic

These are combinations of the different tones/shades/tints (look above if you forgot!) of the same hue or color.


Monotone chromatic:

Use ONE color in different saturation.


Monotone achromatic:

ONE color as above but a neutral.

We loved the all brown board from our last post but here is another one.


We hope you found some good ways to style scarves,

all boards were made on Polyvore.

There is a science behind dressing with color and you will find that most visually pleasing combinations can be traced back to the color wheel.

So what are the two colors that are absent from the color wheel?

You guessed it! Black and white – the classics, but that is another post!

Till then have fun dressing with color!

Interesting fact, the Abstract Buddha has several aspects of the color wheel in it.


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