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Article: Fall Scarves styling with mood boards

Fall Scarves styling with mood boards

Styling fall scarves in a few easy steps and colors on our mood boards below.

Summer may be over but it does not mean you should put away the pastels. These beautiful shades of lighter blues transition beautifully into fall. A shimmering pink lipstick with the whites and blues of the silk scarf provide a lovely combination. You don’t have to rush out and buy the Valentino boots pictured here (unless you want to!) but you could always get something similar for $$ less.


Image courtesy Polyvore


Butterum is a fall favorite and a palette of browns heralds the arrival of fall and affords a chic and elegant look. Our Thailand inspired fall scarf is coupled with this very affordable Madewell sweater dress. Dark brown boots and aviators with a touch of gold bling and you can go anywhere in this look!

Image courtesy Polyvore

Mixing the millennial pink with a dark blue on this board. Pairing our Venice inspired Carnevale di Venezia scarf with a gorgeous blazer from Alchemy Detroit,  a handpainted belt buckle from Love and legacy, and a clutch from Modjewel. I personally love this board because of the fact that we are all emerging designers and love what we do!

Image courtesy Polyvore


Port and mustard are gorgeous together and we contribute to the color board with our fall scarf in pink and port with an interplay of blue and whites. The boots and the mustard sweater are both from Zara. The lipstick a rich plum from Bobbi Brown.


Image courtesy Polyvore



Green and maroon say classic fall and the balances well with neutrals of the silk scarf. Add some gold to the mix, the boots are YSL for $$ find similar ones here, coupled with vintage Chanel earrings. A black clutch with a gold detail and the look is complete.

Image courtesy Polyvore 

Five different fall looks and we hope you enjoyed the mood boards. Which one is your favorite? would you like to see more styling options for fall scarves?

As always, show us your style on Instagram and do tag us if you decide to use the looks, we always love to hear back from you.


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