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Article: Head scarves ties : Two ways

Head scarves ties : Two ways

How to tie head scarves? I have been asked this question multiple times and here it is..simple and easy!

I have never really done illustrations and thought it would be a fun way to teach a tutorial.

A simple hairband from a silk scarf is a very easy way to wear a square scarf, works well on any given day, but especially on windy days. I wore it on a boat recently and it was a perfect way to keep the hair off my face.

Step 1

Take your favorite square scarf and do a basic fold. You can learn to do it here if you don’t know how to. It’s pretty simple really and gives a nice and clean edge.

Hold the middle of the scarf at the nape of your neck and bring the two edges up.

Step 2

Cross it like shown below and the recross it so that the edges go back in the direction they came from.

Step 3

Got it? Now take the edges and tie it under your hair. Done!

This is what it should like! We used the Silent bells scarf for the demo below.

Another way to tie the head scarf and not look like you are ready to clean the house is..

The turban… so chic and oh so elegant but few have the confidence to carry it off!

I found a tutorial here but have illustrated it to show the steps.

Step 1

Most women put their hair in a bun prior to wearing a turban, but I will leave that up to you. Start with folding the scarf into a triangle. It is very important to put the straight edge of the scarf at the neck right at the hairline. The triangle should come between the eyes.  Take the two free end and bring them to the front.

Step 2

Make a knot pulling the edges vertically.

Step 3

Double knot, pulling edges horizontally.

 Step 4

The free ends are tied in a knot at the back and edges are tucked under (or not).

Take the piece, in the front that is irritating and blocking your vision and tuck it under.

There you have it..Our model below has her hair open with the turban and looks gorgeous!

We used the Emergence scarf for her and love the subtle colors with the pop of red.

Ps add big earrings to complete the look!

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