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Article: Pocket square : Classic folds

Pocket square : Classic folds

A pocket square is a fantastic little touch that can transform an individual style from ordinary to dapper in a simple fold. Here are three classic ways to wear the square.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are using the our Orchid Horse pocket square.


Make a triangle, with the square and make sure the edges meet evenly.

Bring the left edge over like shown in the picture below.

Repeat with the other side and you will have a three-point edge. Tuck it in your blazer and go about your day.  The white and black edge in this look with a hint of blue will go well with a blue shirt and any dark colored suit.


Who says men are the only ones to rock the square? Check out Leandra Medine from Manrepeller, styling it so effectively and matching it with her bag here.

This look is really very simple and classy. Start with the triangle (inverted) and bring down the edges to meet on the middle.

Leave the top alone and bring the three edges together in the middle and tuck!

Fold 3

Fold the square to make a rectangle.

Next, fold it up again to make a square. This might be too big (depending on the size of the square).

We recommend that you make another rectangle measuring the width of the blazer pocket.

Fold it again to make another square, and tuck the folded edge in your pocket.

You could also let the rolled edges peak through as seen on SinghGentry’s site here.

Three classic folds for the pocket square!

A little bit about the square featured here. Orchid Horse is a digital print from my painting, done with acrylic and knife and I really love the way the knifework shows on the silk twill. The rolled black edge is very complimentary for a clean look (look 1) and if you want to show off the pinks you have that option as well, in the other two looks. After all, real men wear pink, right?

Chetnasingh pocket square orchid horse

Have fun styling the pocket square!

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