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Article: Magic Gardens

Magic Gardens

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a visual treat for the art lover!

Located in the South Street neighborhood of Philadelphia, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (PMG) is a compilation of works by the artist Isaiah Zagar featuring an indoor gallery and a fantastic outdoor installation that is an artistic haven.

Zagar amalgamates bicycle tires with broken bottles, plates, mirrors and hand made tiles to produce a magical wonderland. The Magic Gardens span half a block and is truly worth visiting on a nice day to leisurly soak in the creativity. We recommend getting something to drink while you are strolling as it gets hot outside. There is a supermarket across the street and a great juice bar a few steps away.

The above piece is a focus on the wall and one is amazed at the fusion of materials that results in mazes and outdoor hallways for exploration.

The handmade tiles have messages that you just have to stop and read. I loved some of the innovative ones below.

Yes, I love art!

 Terra-cotta tiles are worth looking at because of all the hidden messages!

This artwork was perhaps one of my favorites, seen as you descend the creative staircase. The mural is one of a kissing couple but you have to take a step back to realize that the surroundings are part of the picture. The the extended head,ears and the primitive art tiles are all part of the composition.

As you navigate the alleyways, you come upon a pergola with chairs and a unique outdoor chandelier. The pillars were hand carved in Bali, using Zagar’s designs. Mexican artisans have made unique pieces that are for sale in the shop and also interspersed with the artist’s own creations.

There were plenty of photo ops so my daughter took this picture of me walking towards the seating area. I wore my blue Carnevale de Venezia scarf which I thought blended nicely with the surrounding pinks and blues of the mosaic.

In keeping with the theme of gardens we ended our day with an early dinner at Talula’s Garden. A secret outdoor garden with delectable food and a gorgeous eclectic setting. I highly recommend the cheese platter with your choice of beverage.

Travel has always been an inspiration for my scarves and places like this certainly fuel the creative fire!

Hope you enjoyed the travel diary and finally, make sure you visit here if you are ever in Philly! 

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