What inspires you? I have been inspired to paint by so many things but the newest collection of butterflies was a delight to paint. Harbinger of hope and love, butterflies make me smile.

I started off by studying the anatomy of the butterfly and decided on some realistic and some abstract approach in different mediums.

Perhaps, my favorite one to do was the Aviation Dance. I started by sketching on handmade paper that I had obtained last year when I visited Udaipur.

Following a flight pattern typical to the butterflies, I colored it in watercolors.

Two scarves resulted from this particular painting, the square bright version and the long grey version of the same. Same painting but two different looks. The beauty of the digital world!

Aviation Dance (square)

Aviation Dance (long) 

Ink and pen drawings are a personal favorite and one of our best sellers Henna Horse is just that. Recently, I like to draw on a watercolor base that I have already created.

There are few scarves in the collection based on the above concept.

One of them is Eclipse, I painted the background on the night of the solar eclipse last year and I simply love the blues and reds.

I envisioned a scarf with purely geometric and modern butterflies. Multiple sketches and discarded attempts later I was satisfied with the designs. This then is the bright Rhapsody of colors, incorporating multiple small paintings into one scarf. I have an image below of one of the paintings in it but there are six different geometric butterflies in one scarf.

Here is a great article from Washington Post on the migration of the monarchs and a super cool video of the butterfly forest in Mexico here. I would love to go there and see the Monarchs, wouldn’t you?

Hope you got a glimpse into the beginning stages of the art scarves. It is always fun to share the beginning stages of the artwork so you can see what goes behind designing a scarf. If you wish you can check out the butterfly collection here.

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