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Article: Pocket Squares : Five uses

Pocket Squares : Five uses

Pocket squares are versatile pieces of accessories that have the power to transform an outfit with its magic.

Here are five other uses for a pocket square in case you are interested. 


Use #0 –  the obvious

  as a pocket square


Can we say this is for men and women!

I love to wear mine with a blazer because it is as androgynous as a suit.

You can check out a few simple ways to fold a square here and here.


Use #1

Who says only men/women can use it as a pocket square?

For the smaller canine or feline variety.

Please check pictures of my twins below..they do know how to pose!


Use #2

As an elegant wrap around the wrist. Pair it with a gorgeous ring!

This is an Instagram post from our friends at Style camp in Philadelphia.

We love how they styled our Mexico pocket square!

pocket squares-chetnasingh


Use #3

Chokers have seen a revival in the past year, why not wear a silk one?

wrap one or two (knotted) squares around your neck and tie in the back, tuck the ends under.

You can check out all the different varieties of squares to mix and match here.


Use #4

  Frame it and hang it on the wall for some instant art.

After all, all our pocket squares start out as paintings! They look great hung in a set of threes or fives.

This one is from our travel series and a tribute to Venice.


Use #5

Pair with a medium or smaller size handbag to add some extra panache!

Pictured below is our giveaway for the weekend for Father’s Day in collaboration with Chic_in -Chanel.


Follow us on Instagram to enter the giveaway, for a chance to win a pocket square.

 Contest ends June 11th, 2017 at midnight. Entry details here.


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