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Article: Scarves on beaches:learn how to tie them

Scarves on beaches:learn how to tie them

Summer will be gone before you know it and we hope you are enjoying the sun and sand. Here are a few of ways to hit the beach in style this summer. Our new collection of cotton scarves make perfect beach wraps! Below are a few ways to take the scarves on beaches…easy and beautiful.

A simple tie across the waist for the long wrap with our large square scarf.

We love styling them with parasols and you can find some gorgeous ones here.

Take the rectangular scarf and add it as a head wrap for this totally cool look!

Check out other cool silk head wrap styles here.

 Or.. you can use the shorter scarf with double knots to show more leg!

 Sarongs are always cool on the beach and here are two ways to tie them.

Style 1

Step 1: Take  a large square scarf and bring the edges together up front

Step 2

Tie a knot.

Step 3

Double knot

Step 4

Twist the edges, tuck it under and you are ready to go!

Sarong Style 2

Step 1: Take the edges up front

Step 2

Cross the edges and take them behind the neck

Step 4

Tie back and done!

This is what it looks like on the beach!

Featured is our Monsoon scarf, which picks up the colors of the earth and sky after rains.You can grab one here.

Hope you enjoyed these simple ways to get your scarves on beaches. Shown above is our new Horizon series and it is available in two sizes in a cotton/modal mix with rolled edges. If you use any of our scarves don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Instagram, we love to see our clients in them!

Now go and enjoy the summer sun before it’s gone!


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