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Article: Preview The New Collection : The year of the Horse

Preview The New Collection : The year of the Horse

When I started work on my new collection , painting horses, I admit I did not realize it was the year of the horse.. it seems somethings are meant to be!

Horses have always appealed to me and I have painted them through the years, in addition they offer a nice break from my  portraits. I have incorporated various medium and techniques ranging from ink to oils and it’s been such a fun trip!

Going back to my Indian roots, I love the intricacy of the Henna designs and The “Henna Horse” is fashioned after the same, below is a look at the corner of the scarf. The original is ink and pen on paper, the light grey and black transformed in silk, offers a neutral palate and will look gorgeous with any color! 

“Equine Quartet” is a play on the preceding scarf and is offered in beautiful brown tones. One from each direction, the horses are dancing in harmony.

The “Orchid Horse”, named after the radiant orchid color is a knife and acrylic work and the movement of the knife and paint are clearly seen in the scarf

“Yin and Yang” ..a tribute to the Chinese year of the horse. Complementary and constantly changing forces, male and female, white horse, black horse, fire and water. You can read more about this scarf here

“The River Horse” is an original oil on canvas, with a herd of horses running free in the river. I debated calling it” Freedom” but ultimately went with my favorite lead horse..he seems to own the herd and the river.

While all the above scarves are standard 90 cm X 90 cm squares, there have been several requests for long scarves and we have two in the collection. “Henna Horse” and “Yin and Yang” are both available in a longer version 60 cm X 180 cm

We have changed the silk quality to a thicker silk twill and the finish is now upgraded to a rolled edging. It’s been an exciting time for me, planning, painting, executing the fabric and printing details and finally seeing the finished product. The collection will be available before the holidays next month in a limited quantity but you can preorder here.

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