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Article: Art Scarves Travel Diaries : Bahamas

Art Scarves Travel Diaries : Bahamas

We just got back from a fantastic four day trip from the Atlantis in Bahamas. Sometimes, there is nothing better than a short trip with good friends and family to rejuvenate and relax!

The Pegasus fountain at the entrance of the Royal Towers of Atlantis is absolutely breathtaking. It is no secret given my new collection that I’m fascinated by horses and this was no exception.

I chose to pair it with the “Reflection ” scarf which matches the blue of the sky.

One also gets a glimpse of the “Lazy River”, one of the many adventurous water rides at the resort.

Below, is a view from our bedroom, made extra special with the disappearing sun in the horizon,complemented by the “Tibetan Buddha” on the beach tied on a hat.

The “CYPSELERUS” Latin for “Flying Fish” adorns the Royal walkway and with twenty eight bronze flying fishes is an impressive site and I was happy to find the exact match of colors in “Silent Bells”

Atlantis is such a perfect place for a family vacation and my children enjoyed swimming with Dolphins. I was able to capture one as it jumped above the water here. The greys are picked up in the “breakthrough” scarf  alongside.

Bahamas, with it’s warm tropical climate reminds me of India and what a surprise to see, while walking a corridor, an installation of “Ganesha” arguably the most famous Hindu god known to the rest of the world.

I picked up the brilliant yellows of the sculpture, once again by the water, in “Converge”

I found blooming Bougainvillea, lining the walkway to the Marina. The exotic tropical pinks are picked up in “Orchid Horse”

Lastly, the Chihuly glass in the Casino area of the Atlantis are pieces of superb craftsmanship. There are bigger pieces but I loved the reds and blue and how they coordinate with “Abstract Buddha”

I had so much fun pairing my scarves with the gorgeous surroundings of Atlantis. Hope you enjoyed the travel log, as much as I enjoyed writing them and as always the scarves are available here


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