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Article: Scarves and a belt : Scarf tutorial

Scarves and a belt : Scarf tutorial

We always get requests on new ways to wear scarves and here are a couple more for the chill:

Starting off with Coco our model in a regular plain black winter dress.


We took a single Bordered Buddha scarf and knotted it and slipped it over the head

Pull it together at the waist with a belt..a whole new look!

So, why stop at one?..let’s do two scarves at the same time.

Knot one scarf and slip it over the neck and under one arm like so..

Repeat with the second scarf..if you are dreaming of the beach ( or are lucky enough to get away ) you can wear it just like this over a bathing suit as a cover up.

The belt gives it a nice finished look ..a nice coat and boots and you are set for the chill outside!

I prefer a dress underneath, but if you are brave enough like our gorgeous model here..skip the underdress and stick with the scarves and a belt.

Featured above are the Bodered Buddha and the Fire scarf can find them here

Dreaming of sunnier skies! Stay warm everyone!

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