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Article: Henna Horse: A Scarf Story and Photo Essay

Henna Horse: A Scarf Story and Photo Essay

Henna horse was inspired by “Henna” or “mehndi” as it is commonly know in the Indian subcontinent.

The art is practised widely over the world,Near East and South East Asia, Arabian peninsula, Africa and was believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. The intricate designs are made with the paste of dried ground henna leaves, and have been applied traditionally in the Indian subcontinent, in weddings and other religious occasions.

I have incorporated my love of horses with the traditional designs, and below is the progression of the artwork, resulting in the final “artscarf”

The initial sketch

I had intended to transfer to a canvas after but then started using and ink pen and well..that was it


Took me a few days just to do the head and mane!

All done with the pen and ink! A little secret,I have my name somewhere in the design..can you find it?

Now to the scarf..

Translated superbly..available in the classic square as well as a longer rectangle

Here is my gorgeous model wearing it!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the progression from “Art to Scarf” ..Henna horse is available here for the square scarf and here for the long scarf.

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