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Article: Scarves and belts : Runway Inspired

Scarves and belts : Runway Inspired

Did you happen to see the Burberry Prorsum’s models effortlessly tuck their scarves into their belts on the runway?

Absolutely gorgeous and a look we love!
Pictured on “Coco” is one of my favorite dresses in a neutral color.

While the runway look has a thin belt, we loved the look with a thicker belt

It is seen below featuring the “Abstract Buddha”

Bias fold and put around the neck. Tie the belt and Voila! you are done!

In case you don’t remember here is a link for the bias fold.

And..another one with one end tucked in

Featuring “Bordered Buddha

You can use any scarf that you want to achieve this look but you can click here for the silk scarves featured above.

Loved this new play with scarves and I’m taking my scarves out with the belts! Have fun!


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