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Article: Square scarves doubled up for a long look

Square scarves doubled up for a long look

Everyone seems to be wearing a longer scarf these days! I personally think the square scarf is a classic but I have had multiple requests on wearing it in different ways, and I thought I would style some looks more in keeping with the current long scarf look.
A simple and elegant solution is tying two square scarves together to achieve this look.

As you can see I didn’t use two of the same kind..

Wrap it around the neck and you have long beautiful layers of silk!

Make a loop and thread an end through for this look

Last but not least and a continuation of the runway inspired scarves and belt post from last week

There it is..two scarves together! I used the Reflections and Silent Bells scarves for this look. I find the blue and teal tones are lovely together and you can find them here

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