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Article: Scarves as tops

Scarves as tops

We have done scarves with belts as dresses in the past but “scarves as tops” was inspired from a post last month on one of my favorite blogs Manrepeller

We started with TWO of the Yin and Yang square scarves.

Place one in front, and another behind yourself and tie a knot over one shoulder.

“Coco” here is wearing her old black dress but a tank top inside is probably a good idea! 


Tie a knot over the other shoulder too..pretty easy, right?

Make sure you overlap the sides and tie it together with a belt.

If you are comfortable, the right height and daring enough..wear it as a dress (ps..wear biker shorts inside!). As for me..I’m wearing it with my striped flares and going out!

Can’t wait to try new combination with my other scarves as tops!

Thanks Manrepeller!

You want to read more about the Yin and Yang scarf here and get it here.

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