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Article: Scarves as vests

Scarves as vests

Fall is here folks and that means the scarves are out!

A chic fall look is to wear the scarves as vests, shown below in a quick illustration.

Pictured  is the Abstract Buddha Scarf  but you can use any square scarf .

You will need two of the same or similar scarves for a uniform look.

Tie a knot at one end

Take the ends of the two scarves and tie back to original knot as shown below.

Slip your arms through the loops created.

This is how it will look up front. So elegant over a simple black dress!

Here is our model Pamela wearing the scarves as a vest on the runway!

We loved this simple DIY of scarves as vests . You might want to check another look with two scarves here. Let us know what you think about this tutorial!

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