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Article: The Tibetan and Abstract Buddha .. A Scarf Story

The Tibetan and Abstract Buddha .. A Scarf Story

“In the sky, there is no distinction of East and West; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true”- Buddha

The Buddha has long been an inspiration for me and I have painted several paintings around this theme, some of which have been seen in previous posts

Two of the 2014 collection scarves have this recurrent theme, and in line with the quote above, I hope to bridge the boundaries between East and West.

I decided to move a little away from India and explore and be inspired by the Tibetan form of Buddhist drawings called “Thangka”.

The composition of a Thangka is highly geometric. There is  systematic grid of angles and intersecting lines and a strict formula for the Buddha’s face, shown below

The grid is usually erased after the initial drawing but I happened to love the way it looked and decided to keep it.

I used the color wheel shown below using the primary colors for the Buddha face and the secondary colors minus the orange for the eye, lips and the immediate surrounding.

Pastels for the surrounding blocks add additional peace and calm to the painting.

While working on the translation to a scarf I started fracturing and duplicating the painting and produced a more abstract version seen below

The original Thangka paintings are highly intricate pieces of art and this piece is just inspired by them. The work “Thang Ka ” in Tibetan means “recorded message” and I hope this will be mine!

I think this would be perfect scarf for someone who appreciates colors and different cultures. What are your thoughts?
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