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Article: The Breakthrough Scarf : A scarf story

The Breakthrough Scarf : A scarf story

THE CAUSE  This scarf was designed for  Breakthrough’s “Ring the bell” campaign which calls on men to take a stand against violence against women. Launched in March this year “Ring the bell: One million men. One million promises campaign” is an inspirational movement asking men to be active and make their pledge against ending domestic violence. An early memory that has always haunted me…I remember my parents taking me to a doctor when I was not well. While in the examining room with this particular man, his wife burst in crying and yelling about how he abused her and how could we come to such a man. I recall him saying that she was crazy, but in our hearts we knew she was not. We got up and walked out, much to his chagrin but I will never forget the look in her eyes.

The artwork is a “target” with a woman as the bull’s eye, representing violence against women. The woman in question, however, is strong and resilient and is surrounded by words that create a support system for her. Here is the initial beginning of the art scarf and the finished painting.
The words surrounding the girl are from actual pledges made by men all over the world to challenge violence against women. From ordinary men to famous ones, each promise is special and I wish I could fit more pledges in.

The transition from painting to scarf was beautiful. The red and grays on the gorgeous silk provide a striking contrast to the portrait at the center and are the colors forecasted for fall 2013 by Pantone …. A trend alert  for all my Fashionistas  out there !

LAUNCH The scarf will be on sale from August 15th. I chose this particular  day because it is India’s Independence Day. I grew up there and Bell Bajao campaign (“ring the bell” in Hindi) started there before going global and to finally to signify Independence against violence. I hope it will contribute in a small way to a wonderful movement. Half of the profits from the sale of the scarf will be donated to the cause. 

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