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Article: Wear a scarf on a safari

Wear a scarf on a safari

A follow up to our previous post last week, here are just a few ways to wear the scarf on a safari.


The hairband.

This is my favorite safari look! Simple and effective way to keep the hair off the face while the wind is blowing in your face and you are trying to get some really cool pictures while keeping the sunglasses on, on a rocky jeep ride.

You can take a look here on how to tie it along with with a turban ..which would have been pretty cool too, but I plain forgot to put on that look.


Also called the “chic” look that can be worn on a safari jeep (as well as on-off safari convertible). I used the Venice inspired  Carnevale de Venezia for both. Loved that the jewels showed up in the right place.

The back ballooned in the wind but secure it down with a tie in the back shown in the picture below. Tres chic, no?

No. 3

I call it the Tracker look. The scarf folded into a triangle and end tied in the back. Pretty easy, no? I have to mention that I wore this elephant scarf and got to see a herd of elephants in the wild! I thought that was pretty amazing! 

Here is a picture of a baby being shepherded away from the crowd (i.e. us) by its mother.


After the safari look

This is when you hit the beach after the safari. Tie the scarf on your straw hat for an instant new look! Here are a few other ways to wear the scarves with hats. I know..I can’t wait for warm weather!

So, that’s it folks, a few ways to wear a scarf on a safari. How will you be wearing yours?

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