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Article: Five Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf

Five Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf

Here are five ways to wear a silk scarf.

Over the years I have found that the biggest dilemma that my customers face is how to wear a silk scarf.

Popular in Europe, Americans are largely uncomfortable with silk scarves and below are five ways to style your silk scarf. You are welcome!

The long scarf

Look 1

Fold long and drape one edge over the shoulder. A great tip is to secure it with a vintage clip earring, never a safety pin, it will ruin the silk.

Look 2

Do the regular twist around the neck. The tip here is to not fold the edge to edge, make it asymmetrical to have a tapered end..looks better!

By the way, I am actually wearing the scarf and showing the painting it is made from, called “In Frida’s dream”.

The Classic Square

Look 3

The halter

Take the square, knot at the neck and the back, simple! It’s a great dress up look and can substitute for a silk shirt at a substantially lower price.


Look 3 – same idea

Throw a jacket over, in case you are uncomfortable with the exposed back, tuck the bottom in your waistband.

Look 4

Fold and use as a belt. Break up the monotony of an all white or black outfit with a splash of colour.

Look 5

The French twist

Fold the scarf (you can look up the bias fold) follow our tutorial, and tie it around your neck. It is such a classic and chic look!

Hope you enjoyed the five ways to wear a silk scarf! I used the scarves on our website for the looks and you can find them here.

There are so many other ways, you just have to get comfortable with them and then play around. Don’t be afraid..go! put on a silk scarf.

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