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Article: Yin and Yang : A Scarf Story

Yin and Yang : A Scarf Story

A peek into the new collection, designed on a horse theme. Yin and Yang are part of the series and I wanted to share my thoughts and the actual process culminating in the scarf.

Yin and Yang : An ancient Chinese duality symbol and a fundamental concept of Chinese medicine. Given my background in medicine this naturally fascinates me. Opposite end of a cycle, complementary,not opposing and constantly changing balance of forces.

Male and female, fire and water, light and dark. Each with a piece of the other in their being.

Then there is my love for horses, combine them together and you have a new painting.

White and black, fire and ice and my interpretation of Yin and Yang.

Below is the video of the progression of painting the subject, oils and mixed media on canvas.


With all the requests for a longer scarf, I have two versions of the painting this time.
The classic square

And a longer rectangular piece

We have stepped up the quality with thicker silk and a rolled edging. The scarves are available for preorder and you can contact me here

Hope you enjoyed seeing the process. I would love to hear your opinion on the new collection!

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