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Article: A Scarf story: Emergence

A Scarf story: Emergence

There is a story behind every scarf, which comes from the painting itself. I had a hard time choosing one to start with and then I settled on “Emergence”. The colors are very spring/summer and fits the mood and it happens to be a personal favorite of one of my kids! I did this painting a few years ago and it was part of a group exhibition.I remember people asking me why it was upside down.I would have to go to the root of the painting to make you understand.
The upside down face is that of the “Buddha”, which is depicting Buddhism, essentially emerging from the trunk of “Ganesha” the elephant god, which in this case symbolizes Hinduism.
Ganesha, is the deity that is always worshipped first in any Hindu religious ceremony and it seem only appropriate that I talk about this painting first.
I started off painting the background initially, a confluence of bright colors. It was right after “Holi”, our festival of colors.
It sat for months in my studio till I saw a picture of a young Buddhist boy, taken by a cousin, and it all clicked together, and “Emergence” was born.
The scarf has held true to the painting, and the silk retains the rich colors.I love to wear it out and it is always a great conversation starter.
Do you remember something, a picture/person/travel that inspired you to do something that you love?


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