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Article: Scarf as Halter

Scarf as Halter

Scarf as halter? Why not?

Here are two simple tutorials to show you how to do just that.


The first step of a scarf as halter is to start by choosing a square silk scarf.

We used our Rhapsody scarf from the new butterfly collection but you can use any square silk scarf in your closet. You can choose to wear a bra or not depending on your comfort level. If you do, then put a vest on top of the halter otherwise show off that beautiful back! 


Take the two top ends of the square scarf and tie a knot at the nape of your neck. Make sure it is a secure double knot to prevent any embarrassing incidents!


Take the lower two ends and tie another knot above the waistband.


You are done! Ready for a beautiful summer day!

I put on my favorite sleeveless vest as the last step because I am more comfortable that way. By the way, you could make a vest out of two scarves and wear it over a T-shirt instead, follow steps here.

PS ..that’s my backyard, cherry blossoms really killed it this year!

Right! Now for the long scarf as a halter!


Choose your long scarf, we went with the Ecplise scarf. Incidentally, I painted this scarf on the day of the solar eclipse, with some dark and beautiful colors (hence the name).


Put the long scarf around your neck and bring the edges forward.


Crisscross the front folds, so get a V shape at the neckline.

It should look like this.


Take the two outer edges as shown below and tie a double knot in the back.

Wear with skinny jeans or leggings and you have a fabulous look!

Here is another long scarf, worn the same way. We used Night Glide for this look.

I hope you will try the scarf as a halter, it’s such a chic look!

Send us some pictures and until next time ..cheers!

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