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Article: French twist : tying scarves

French twist : tying scarves

The French twist, a classic way to wear a scarf.

A few simple steps and you could be stepping out of a French cafe, or at least look like you are! 

Starting of with our Silent Bells scarf, a simple bias fold, you can take a look here on how to fold the square scarf correctly.

You could drape it over your shoulders and it looks pretty chic, but we are going for the French twist..

Take the folded scarf and place it in front of your neck, letting the ends hang at the back.

Cross the ends, in the back and bring it over to the front.

Tie a loose knot on the side.

Double knot and there you have it..a classic French twist! Elegant and always in style.

You don’t have to wear it formally with a blazer. I wore it with a sweatshirt today, I was inspired by a post that I saw on Manrepeller. (image #2 to be precise).

Try this easy way to tie your square scarf and let me know if you found this helpful.

On a separate note, I got feedback from a boutique that customers respond better to our horse scarves than the ones that have portraits painted on them.  I don’t think I’ll stop painting portraits though, as much as I love horses. It’s about doing what you love and changing people’s perspective on how they view something. Look at the scarf above, for example, do you see the woman on the scarf when it is tied? not really!  It’s the play of colors and textures that come through. What do you think?

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