LBD and what works for your body

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” — Karl Lagerfeld

The staple of any wardrobe and a must have for every woman, the little black dress aka “LBD”. The black dress has been present forever and was associated with the color of mourning. It was made famous by Coco Chanel when first featured in the 1926 edition of the American Vogue and likened to the Ford T, readily accessible and reliable and available only in black. It soared to stardom with Audery Hepburn and every woman had to have something similar.

The next question ..what kind do you get? always go for the classic but it is important to know your body type and limits. Let’s be honest only 8% of women have the perfect hourglass figure but for the majority of us there are a lot of options!

Let’s start with the most popular shape

Rectangle (Boy)
identifiers: small bust
small hips
waist < 9 inches off bust/hip
hints: Add the curves
peplums/empire waists
textured shapes

Pear or Triangle
Identifiers: narrow shoulders
small bust
wide bottom
hints: draw the attention to the upper part of the body
strapless , halters work great

Identifiers: broad shoulders
large bust
not a defined waist
narrow hips
hints: draw attention away from the midline
A line or shirred dresses work
V necks or empire dresses that flow from below the bust and flare out

Identifiers: Bust= hip
Full bust
well defined waist
hints: lucky you. anything goes!

In reality you may not fit a perfect body type but most women are close to one of the above categories.

If you are a petite: don’t drown in floor length dresses, try to keep the hemline aove the knee to give a taller visual. A sheath is a great dress for you.

Plus sizes emphasize your attributes, and draw attention upwards. The Wrap dress is an easy solution.

The black dress has stood the test of time and one can never go wrong with it. If you are still in doubt about your body type you could always go for the wrap dress or the maxi (except if you are really petite).  Remember you can always accessorize- scarves, pearls and the right jewelry can make all the difference!  Do you own a favorite black dress? What style is your favorite?

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