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Article: Square Scarves Mad(wo)men Style

Square Scarves Mad(wo)men Style

“Mad Men” AMC’s award winning series is as much an engrossing drama as it is a style watch. Set in the 1960’s, produced by Matthew Weiner, based on the lives of MEN (and women) in advertising on MADison Avenue. The costume designer Janie Bryant has done a fantastic job in recreating the fashion of the times. The classy styles can well be used today and below are some of the ways to wear the square scarf.

Joan Harris played by Christina Hendrix, the femme fatale, who makes every head turns as she walks. Compared to Marilyn Monroe, Joan with all her curves exudes confidence, and has journeyed from a secretary to a partner in the firm. I love the way she uses the scarf to break up the solid colors of her outfits!

Hint: fold the square into a triangle and then fold again, a few times till you get a strip…as used below, rectangle fold for the look in the middle.

Peggy Olson played by Elizabeth Moss, starts off as a secretary under Joan and one of the first  advices she is given by Joan is to wear scarves! (considered a carrer advice..because men like them!). Peggy has also come far and returned back to the original company as an accomplished copywriter.

The knotted look is always cool, in the front, or turned around and tucked in the back for a sexier look!

Megan Draper (Jessica Parre), again starts off as a secretary and ends up marrying her boss and the star of the show Don Draper. A Montreal native, Megan has a sexy vibe and a very classy style. The elegant bow in the middle picture is a gorgeous and easy look!

Betty Francis played by January Jones was someone who did not start off as a secretary! Betty gave up a successful modeling career to marry Don Draper and later Henry Francis. Likened to Grace Kelly, she is an epitome of style and I had to dedicate two sets to her.

The first set is more of the summer/spring look. The double scarf belt is an innovative way to  use the scarf.

The winter styles with the classic Ascot style tucked into the turtleneck is very sophisticated. The casual scarf thrown over the coat and the last one held by a broach (you could use a small ring) looks so graceful.

A shout out to the stylish supporting cast from left to right Trudy Campbell, the new secretary on the block Scarlett, and Don Draper’s last fling Sylvia Rosen.

Hope you got some new ways to wear the classic scarf. I am particularly partial to Betty Francis/Draper’s style..which one is your favorite?

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