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Article: Art Scarves Travel Diaries : Thailand

Art Scarves Travel Diaries : Thailand

October, brought with it a trip a lifetime, to the exotic and tropical paradise, that is Thailand. Here is another page from the Art Scarves Travel Diaries.

The long journey which started on the East coast of the United States included a layover for a few hours in Hong Kong, and we had a chance to stretch out our legs. While strolling around the airport, I came across a Buddha’s head made entirely of tuna cans! I had to include it in my travel diaries given the fact I was wearing one of my  Buddha Collection scarves..coincidence? I think not!

On our arrival to Phuket, we were escorted to our vacation rental and the pictures below speak more eloquently than I ever can. Tasanee Penthouse is modern vacation home with every facility available (down to the built in converters for charging our phones!) a stunning view and an infinity rooftop pool to take it all in. The manager and the staff were extremely helpful, in organizing our trips and catering to every request.

Beautiful Bougainvilleas were in full bloom as we walked down the hill to Kata Beach. I am using my pictures to help me with a painting that I am currently working on.

On a day trip, a visit to see the Big Buddha. The gigantic statue sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and, at 45 metres tall, it is easily seen from far away. Afterwards, our guide took us to Nikita Restaraunt for a lovely Thai meal.  Great food, family, sun, beach and glass of wine..pure bliss!

Other excursions included an elephant ride, where the mahout (the elephant driver), let my children take his place, a little nerve racking for me! I was inspired by the majestic beauty of the beast and did a sketch later in the day, maybe I can use it for a bigger painting at another time. I make it a point to carry my sketch pad on my journeys and take lots of pictures. Did you like the use of the scarf tied around the camera strap? I think it’s a great way to style it on vacation.

One of the highlights of the trip was a boat ride to Phi Phi islands. You might know the islands from films like “The Beach” starring Leonardo di Caprio.The aquamarine waters and the breathtaking scenery were sublime and I wish I had been able to capture the picture of a stingray that jumped up near our boat, much to all our delight. The ride was windy and I had used the scarf  untied from my camera strap to keep the hair off my face.

A show that comes very highly recommended is Siam Niramit. I personally loved the delicious buffet and the preshow with the war elephants, better than the actual show but that is a matter of opinion. The enormous stage with the exotic sets and costumes are really quite marvellous. I wore my Asian inspired scarf in keeping with the theme.

We were delighted with this bouquet of orchids at our vacation home, brought in by the staff. The colors of the orchids had been an inspiration for one of the Art Scarves in the past, pictured below.

Our gracious manager had arranged an authentic Thai dinner in honor of my dad’s birthday and the chef brought in fresh ingredients from the local market to cook the most delectable meal. Special thanks to my sister in law for capturing some candid moments with her polaroid!

The lush greenery reminded me of my native land India, only a few short hours away, but to be visited on another trip. I look forward to writing additional pages in the  Art Scarves Travel Diaries, something I regret not starting earlier.

This is a view from a rooftop restaurant that was recommended by locals, and I love the picture which picks up the cyan of my scarf and the dress and matches it perfectly with surrounding scenery.

Back at our temporary home, the glorious view and exquisite sunsets, a much-needed relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. Did I mention the amazing and very affordable Thai massages?

The last image is of the wishing bells at the Big Buddha, which you can buy and tie at the site making a wish. I’ll give you one guess as to what we wished for!

Happy New Year to all our wonder readers and supporters! I hope you travel far (or near) and make wonderful memories this year!


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