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Article: Scarf and hoodie : Five looks

Scarf and hoodie : Five looks

What could be better blend of chic and casual than a scarf and a hoodie? I recently saw, and fell in love with a instagram picture, from the the Sartorialist.

It inspired this post and shown below are five different ways to get this look.

Below is my favorite grey hoodie, basic and neutral. An achromatic base is always a great idea when you are putting a pop of color on top. A Breton striped hoodie works great too! Choose your favorite square scarf and hoodie and get started! 

                                                                                    Look 1

The infinity loop with a silk square. We used our henna horse  square scarf for this look.


A simple and easy way to get this look is shown below. Simply fold the scarf in a bias fold and tie the loose edges behind the neck.

Make a figure of 8 and slip the lower loop over your head.

                                                                                    Look 2

I did a post about French twists recently and we have used our  Breakthrough Scarf for this look.

                                                                                     Look 3

I used two scarves for this look. You can use any square scarf , shown below are Reflection and Silent bells, both are from the Indian memories collection.  I knotted them together at one end.

Braiding them together, I circled it twice around the neck and tied the loose ends together. 

Adjust and hide the knots for a very colorful and unique look. The possibilities of playing with different colors are endless!

                                                                                    Look 4

This is pretty self explanatory, a pocket square (or a twilly), tied in a knot around the neck .

                                                                                    Look 5 

This is a simple knot and the scarf used in the look is shown here. I loved the colors against the gray!

As in most cases, we start off with a simple bias fold..

Cross and make a simple knot, bringing the lower fold over and in front. Tuck the edges, inside the hoodie!

I wore the scarf and hoodie out on the day after Christmas. I did change my hoodie for a striped one but loved the look!

Which Scarf and hoodie look did you like the best? Will you be trying any of these looks?


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