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Article: Square Scarves and Rings : 5 looks

Square Scarves and Rings : 5 looks

Square Scarves and rings.. a wonderful and easy combination, for elegant looks which can be worn in the summer too. Below are a few styles form my Scarves, worn with a few rings that I found in my drawer!

The basic fold ( shown below) is a common fold for most looks.

The first look is a super simple. I have used my “Buddha Unchained” scarf for it. Do the basic fold as above, hang around your neck and slide both edges through the ring.

For the next look..exactly the same concept, done with “The Indian Jungle” worn as a belt, over a dress.

You could wear it as a belt with shorts or Jeans.

I love the colors of “Emergence” in the summer! For this look fold the scarf as a triangle and slide the ends through the ring and shift the scarf to the side towards the left/right shoulder.


The bright colors of “Converge” stand out in this particular style. Fold the scarf , the short way, edge over edge ( not the basic fold), this creates a shorter length. Slide through the ring and turn to the side.

For the last and my personal favorite, I have used the “Fire” scarf. Back to the basic fold, loop two small loops through the ring and fluff. A little more formal than the rest, it’s a great look over a white shirt in the fall and winter too!

I hope you enjoyed this post on the use of rings with scarves.Almost everybody has a few rings sitting around and now you can use them for a new purpose. What was your favorite look?


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