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Article: The Indian Jungle : A scarf story

The Indian Jungle : A scarf story

“But I’ll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything.” -Alan Watts

This particular scarf originated from a painting I did a few years ago, which was exhibited as part of a group show in a local winery. The Indian jungle has always held place of intrigue and mystique for me , ever since I visited one of the well known national forests. Maybe the fascination and my partiality towards that particular geographic location stayed with me because I saw it first as a child. I’m sure the Amazon, the Black forest,the Sagano or the Redwoods are equally beautiful!

In the painting and the scarf that followed I have included several elements of the Indian Jungle. The one that stands out foremost is a woman’s half face, the goddess, mother nature, call her what you will. Her gentle face merges with the inanimate and the living, spreading her warmth, encompassing all in her nurturing care. On her upper left sits the King Cobra, a creature both feared and respected. It has a special place in Hindu mythology associated with both Vishnu and Shiva, and is still the one used by the snake charmers. The peacock behind it brings in the beauty and grace and surrounding the two are the waves of the Indian sun. On the right are the delicate white Champa and Jasmine flowers, growing in abundance in the heat, in the wild and at home, spreading fragrant perfume. There is the edge of the Peepal leaf peaking through and at the very edge the distinctive stripe of the majestic Tiger. One of my favorite poems by William Blake is a tribute to this magnificent creature. Unfortunately, a portion of the tiger had to be cut off to scale the scarf but can be seen in the painting below.

I hope to return one day with my family to the Indian Jungles. Living in America, one always hears about people going to the famous African Safari’s but the Indian forests have a charm of their own with a myriad of wildlife and exotic flora and fauna.
Have you ever been to the forests? A national park maybe?
Would you consider a trip to the Indian Jungle?

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